Tuesday 23rd of August, Tuband Junior High school is organising an English day to celebrate the English language and English speaking countries.

We are asking students to come wearing a sort of uniform, like many English-speaking students do at their schools around the world. They should wear blue jeans, a white top and sneakers if possible.

Our chef Arnaud is preparing an Anglosaxon inspired meal at the canteen. Yum.
What do you think it will be ?

Entrée - Vegemite on a Sao ?
Main course - Roast kangaroo ? Fish and chips ? Hamburgers ? Meat pie ?
Dessert - Pavlova ? Cheesecake ? Brownies ?

We hope to present a concert from ten o’clock to half past eleven of great English songs.

There will be lots of other little fun things happening.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

The English teachers of Tuband.

Ps the photo is the winter uniform from Geelong College, Ms Kaaden’s school. Do you like it ?

Ps 2 Thanks to everyone helping organise the day !

Mise à jour : 17 août 2011

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